With the new season well underway, the please take note of the following points to support your coming management decisions and practices;

  1. Spray Days – NZ Winegrowers are again running a number of workshops in Marlborough to support you in effective calibration and set up of your grape sprayers. Register your attendance through the NZ Winegrowers Events site, or if you have any questions please email Spray Days Project Manager - Anna Lambourne at spraydays@nzwine.com
  2. Mealy Bug – This week I have had discussions the Rex Sunde (NZ Winegrowers) and Vaughn Bell (Plant and Food Research) on how to manage mealy bug where there is pressure. We have the option of using a combination of up to four covers (2x buprofezin, plus 2x spirotetramat) precap fall in a season if you have a rising problem that needs to be managed. Please talk to me if you have such concerns.
  3. Mechanical Trash Removal – for managing levels of botrytis. Workshop facilitated by Mark Allen. Fairhall Golf Club, Clubrooms, November 7th, 1.30 – 2.30pm. Please send me your RSVP.
  4. Crop Monitoring – To better manage pest and disease, a robust protective program is the key. If there is an outbreak, early identification is critical. Many vineyards have hot spots that make good indicator sites for Crop Monitoring Scouts. If you have such sites, please email me with blocks and row numbers that will become part of the assessment protocol for your block.

Make contact with the MGP Viticulture team should you need to discuss any of the above points.